Dr. Glenn Maleyko

Enhanced Learning Model

Dearborn Public Schools Enhanced Learning Model Draft Pending Input from the Board of Education and Community. By Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D

Enhanced Learning Articulation Model Diagram

  • These are some major areas of emphasis that will help to create an “​Enhanced Learning Model” ​to benefit all students and accelerate student achievement. All of the points below are listed in the 90 Day plan.
  • Feeder Track Restructuring: Develop Greater Articulation between the elementary, middle and high school levels of education.
  • Implement an Authentic Team approach and Professional Learning Community.
  • Continue to implement Options for Students and the My Learning Plan.
  • Stay in tuned and in touch with the Students and the Community by creating a Student Advisory Committee to the Superintendent and a Community Advisory Committee to the Superintendent and Board of Education.
  • Grow Partnerships with Henry Ford College.
  • Enhance instruction and achievement for students with best practices like the co­teaching special Education model and English Language Learning Model.
  • Partner with Universities to recruit teachers and enhance instruction.
  • Implement blended learning and an Enhanced Technology Model.
  • Connect with parents and students through a home visit model and enhanced social media communication. Blogs everywhere!
  • Grow Leadership Capacity through a mentoring model.