Dr. Glenn Maleyko

Superintendent 90 Day Plan

Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent 90 Day Plan By Dr. Glenn Maleyko

Introduction: The First 90 Days

Disclaimer: This plan is in draft format and will be revised after meetings with the Board of Education on an individual and collective level.

The purpose of this entry plan is to outline a course of events during my first 90 days that will provide for meetings and dialogue with members of the board of education, school visits, community member and business feedback sessions, and interviews with key staff, policy makers, community leaders, organizations and collective bargaining groups. As your new Superintendent I believe that establishing and building upon existing relationships is critical to the development of a clear understanding of the strengths of the school district and areas that require improvement. The advantage that I have as the new Superintendent for Dearborn Public Schools is that I have worked in the district for almost 20 years and I have a great understanding of many of the above mentioned areas. However, I also know that it is important for me to gain a broader understanding of those areas in my new role as Superintendent. Through this consultation process, Our Board of Education/Superintendent Team will establish a common view of Dearborn Schools which will provide a basis for us to identify the direction, the tasks that need to be achieved, and the order of priorities that will result in a high level of student achievement, district financial stability, and service to our customers (parents, students, community members or groups). It is also important to recognize the many strengths of our district and continue with the hard work of leadership within the district that has already initiated. This district has been recognized for many positive areas on a state and national level while serving the students in our community.

This plan is meant to be flexible, while identifying specific goals, objectives and results to be achieved. As stated, prior to finalization of this plan I will seek input from all members of the Board of Education. The intended results of this may be revised, deleted, or expanded as further information is obtained and input acquired.

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