Dr. Glenn Maleyko

Student Advisory Committee

Student Advisory Committee to the Superintendent and Board of Education by Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D
(This model will be finalized after consultation and input from the board of education and from the input of students.)

  • Two representative students from each high school will meet with the Superintendent over lunch or coffee to discuss student issues on a monthly basis.
  • Students on the committee will need to implement a communication system with their student body in order to keep a good flow of information with regards to issues, concerns, interests, and ideas.
  • Board of education trustees would be invited to attend meetings on a periodic basis per their interest and availability.
  • Students would participate in a leadership retreat with cabinet members and board members would be invited.
  • Students might be invited to speak at a portion of the board­superintendent retreat to present their views and ideas. We may also invite them to the Principals retreat to talk about their ideas and concerns.
  • This model is flexible and open to modifications per the preference and recommendation of students and input from the board of education.
  • In addition the superintendent would meet with former graduates once a year to discuss issues beyond K­12 education and to become informed about life beyond Dearborn Schools. We would discuss the areas of strength where Dearborn Schools had prepared them to be productive citizens and we would discuss areas that require improvements.
  • Input would be received from members of the Henry Ford College Pre­-Education committee including the state of Michigan, Wayne State University, The University of Michigan Dearborn, Eastern, Henry Ford, the University of Detroit Mercy, Dearborn Public Schools, and other interested universities and school systems. One student may be selected to serve on the committee with the Executive Director of Staff and Student Services.