Updates on District Events. Lots of pictures collected and the Vision is vibrant throughout the school district.

29 Jan

The “Students First” Vision statement which is being added to blogs all over the district, helps to provide enthusiasm for the implementation of our Strategic Plan and the achievement of success for our students. The Korematsu Celebration at Fordson High … Read More »

School visits and the promotion of the District vision continues. The Vision sign can be found all over our district in 34 buildings.

26 Jan

The Strategic Plan will continue to drive what we do in the school district. As a reminder the plan was created last year with the representation of a variety of stakeholders in the school community (Instructional staff, support staff, parents, … Read More »

Unity event at ASC to support Public Education, promoted by the American Federation of Teachers(AFT), the Dearborn Federation of Teachers(DFT), the Dearborn PTA Council, and Dearborn Public Schools.

20 Jan

  Click here for a link to a story in the Dearborn Press and Guide on this Event.  We had an outstanding Unity Event on January 19 in Support Of Public Education. This event was promoted by the American Federation of … Read More »