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Press Release #23 – Edsel Ford and Dearborn High looking for Career Day speakers

A woman hands out packets during the 2021 Fordson High School Career Day.

Press Release #23/Nov. 29, 2022

Edsel Ford High School is looking for speakers who can talk to students about different careers for the school’s third annual Ninth Grade Career Day on Feb. 9, 2023.

Dearborn High School is holding its career day on Feb. 24 and has started its speaker recruitment with teacher recommendations. However, the school is creating its own database of speakers representing high-demand careers and would like to add more names and contacts to that list.

For both schools, speakers are needed from a broad cross section of careers to give students an overview of what different jobs entail, such as the work employees do, skill and education required for the job, and pay expectations.  

Dearborn’s three traditional high schools have all created Career Academies where students are encouraged to consider and explore different career options as they plan for life after high school.  A variety of careers from hands-on trades to those requiring post-graduate degrees are discussed.  Career Day is a chance for students to hear from different speakers to learn more about career options.  Each presentation lasts about 26 minutes. The schools would especially like interactive speakers who can talk to students about high-demand careers.

Those interested in speaking at Edsel Ford on Feb. 9 are encouraged to fill out the EFHS Career Day form. Those with questions can contact Summer El-Mubarak, Edsel Ford’s Career Academy Lead Teacher at elmubas@dearbornschools.org or at (313) 827-7296.  Career Day runs from 12:30 to 2:45 p.m.  See the EFHS Career Day flyer.

Those who would like to be added to the Dearborn High list of speakers, can submit their names through this Career Speaker Interest Form or contact Jeehan Nasir, DHS Academies Lead Teacher at nasirj@dearbornschools.org or (313) 827-7802.

Each high school allows students to pick from four broad Career Academies: business and hospitality; health sciences; public and human services; and industry, arts and technology.  

“We are seeking participation from multiple industry partners for each academy to come and share their career expertise with our students,” Ms. El-Mubarak said.  “We would like to give our students an opportunity to choose to hear from as many different professionals as possible.”

Freshman students will attend career day as they consider which academy to select to explore for the next three years.

Fordson High School was the first to establish the Career Academies model and has created its own list of career speakers, many of them alumni of the school. 

“We believe that the career academy model is the best way to provide students with an awareness of their options and a purpose for their education as early as their freshman year of high school,” Ms. El-Mubarak said. 

Ms. Nasir agreed. 

“The career academy model raises student ambition and engagement,” Ms. Nasir said. “I believe that for students to have meaningful learning they need to intentionally explore their career options early on and be aware of all the programs and elective courses Dearborn Public Schools offers them. If students can see how these electives and programs and the skills which are taught in their core classes relate to their future careers they will be more motivated to make the most of high school.”

Edsel Ford Career Day Speaker flyer