Dr. Glenn Maleyko

Dearborn Public Schools Reopening Committee Update and a Timeline for Public Release of our Plan #Students1stDbnSchs

Return To School 2020-21!

The Governor’s “Return to School Roadmap” (unveiled on June 30th) provided a framework for the work done by our own Dearborn Reopening Committee and their recommendations for our Dearborn “Return To School Plan”.  Under the Governors Roadmap, each district in the state is required to submit a Board approved reopen plan.  The Governor and/or Legislator have the legal authority to make decisions on school reopening and/or to designate a process for local districts to follow. Click Here to view the Governor’s framework.  

The full report, with recommendations to the Board of Education, will be made public on August 6th, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. via a Board of Education Study Session with an in-person and virtual option (please note, in-person attendance at the meeting will be limited due to State required social distancing protocols for indoor gatherings).  You can watch the meeting live streaming on the District’s website, www.dearbornschools.org.  We are hoping to acquire Board approval for the tentative plan on August 10th, 2020 at the College Board of Education meeting. A Board of Education approved plan will then be sent to Wayne County RESA and then to the State of Michigan Department of Education. The deadline for State approval is August 17 according to the Governor’s Return to School Roadmap.  

Please keep in mind, the recommendations are subject to change at any time pending the local COVID-19 crisis and the Governor’s order or any changes to the order at that time.  If the State of Michigan moves to Phase 1, 2, or 3 we must implement full online instruction.  If we are in Phases 4 through 6 we could allow for in person instruction. We believe that it is best for students to have in person instruction in the schools! However, the health and safety of students, staff and the community are the number one priority with the implementation of our plan.

There will be, and are, many questions that have yet to be answered and we are continuously evaluating and reevaluating systems and structures within our District that will help maintain a healthy and safe space for our students and staff. We also recognize that the current situation can, and has, changed rapidly and we will adapt accordingly as new information is provided by the CDC, Wayne County Health Department, Michigan Department of Education and the Governor’s office. 

The commitment, talent, insight, reflection, compromise, and genuine work provided by the members of the School Reopen Committee(s) is a reminder of how fortunate we are in Dearborn to have so many outstanding students, staff, parents, and community members. Their work and dedication to ensuring the development of a successful plan is yet another example of why the Dearborn Public Schools is a leader in K-12 education. This group was able to collaboratively reach decisions, solve problems, and overcome challenges in order to inspire, educate, and celebrate…even during a Pandemic! We have been extremely deliberate as we developed this well thought out  plan under some very difficult circumstances. 

We did not rush the process but rather worked hard to ensure the health and safety along with considering the impact that the COVID 19 crisis has had on our students. I want to thank all of the committee members for their hard work and dedication to our school community. I wish everyone all the best for safe and healthy days ahead.




School Reopen Committee Members 

Adeeb Mozip, Parent 

Ahmed, Ibrahim, Student 

Al, Jamal, Parent 

Alamaddine, Nada, HR Director, Non-Instructional 

Alaouie, Mariam, Teacher

Alasry, Khadigah, Teacher 

Alaouie, Rana, Teacher 

Albert Abbas, Parent 

Alcodray, Amal, Principal

Alfasih, Hanna, Student 

Alghanem, Zeinab, Student 

Ali, Salah, Parent 

Alie-Bazzi, Maysam, Executive Director, Co-Chair 

Alvarado, Cyndi, Media Specialist   

Andrews, Mark, Director of Operations 

Dr. Austerberry, Carol, Wayne County Health Department  

Baidoun, Eleni, Parent 

Dr. Bazzi-Gates, Rola, Special Education Coordinator 

Boussi, Zaynab, Social Worker

Briggs, Susan, Art Resource Teacher 

Burke, Ghada, Teacher

Caggins, Kevin, Dearborn Police Department School Resource Officer

Chaaban, Joe, Parent 

Dr. Chochol, Jill, Executive Director of Student Achievement

Collins, Leigh, SFE Food Service 

Conrad, Shellie, Teacher  

Conway, Jeff, Athletic Director

Dr. Desouza, Joan, Psychologist 

Diem, Lindsey, Teacher 

Dwyer, Maria, Parent 

El Khalil, Faiz, Parent 

Elkoussy, Lena, Student 

Esseily, Mike, Executive Director of Special Populations

Faraj, Fatme, Executive Director of Student Achievement

Garrasi, Ioanna, Adult Education & Permits Supervisor 

Goetsch, Debra, Food Service Manager 

Dr. Groover, Ross, Curriculum Coordinator 

Gwidz, Amy, Technology Teacher 

Hachem, Hussein, Parent 

Haidar, Nofila, PTA Council & Parent 

Hamade, Sam, Parent 

Hand, Tom, DSOEA President & Engineer 

Hanson, Chad, Dearborn Police Department School Resource Officer 

Hassan, Rima, Principal 

Higgins, David, Principal, ADSA President, Co-Chair 

Hummel, Scott, PE & Athletics Supervisor 

Hussein, Hassan, Parent 

Jawad, Brigete, Parent 

Kaarali, Nassrine, Teacher  

Kadouh, Karim, Student 

Dr. Kalil, Kathy, UofMD 

Kandes, Amy, Nurse 

Karkaba, Ghinwah, PTA Council & Parent 

Kurth, Laurie, Secretary 

Ladach, Sue, SE Teacher 

Lane, Mary, Board of Education Trustee 

Leacher, John, Health & Safety Administrator 

Lerini, Al, DFSE President & Parent 

Lowe, Mike, Engineer 

Maksood, Patty, SE Teacher 

Marshell, Jodi, Transportation Supervisor 

Martin, Adam, Principal 

Mashhour, Abe, Director of Student Services 

Mazza, Jane, DFT President, Co-Chair 

Meyer, Lisa, Music Resource Teacher 

Miller, Pam, Director of Payroll & Benefits 

Modica, Amy, Coordinator of Early Childhood

Mozip, Adeeb, Parent 

Mustonen, David, Director of Communications 

Dr. Nealon, Michael, Henry Ford Community College  

Norwood, David, City of Dearborn Mayor’s Office 

Oatley, Sylvia, Teacher

Patterson, Troy, Director of Technology

Peterson, Shannon, Executive Director of Student Achievement

Ramadan, Ahmad, Field Representative for Congresswoman Debbie Dingell 

Richards, Peggy, Community Member, DFCU Financial 

Sayed, Ali, Parent & HYPE Athletics CEO 

Schlibe, Gary, Plant Operations Manager 

Sharha, Mansour, Parent 

Stover, Stephanie, Early Childhood Programs Supervisor  

Thorpe, Jim, Board of Education Trustee 

Souweidane, Violet, Student Empowerment Facilitator 

Weaver, Mary (Kathy), Social Worker 



Troy Patterson, Director of Technology, Facilitator 

Mariam Abadeh, Teacher 

Rana Alaouie, Teacher 

Rose Aldubaily, EL Director 

Cynthia Alvarado, Media Specialist

Joe Chaaban, Community Member Jill Chochol, Executive Director

Fatme Faraj, Executive Director  

Amy Gwizdz, Technology Coach

Elissar Hammoud, Teacher 

Karim Kadouh, Student 

Rawan Khuja, Teacher 

Adam Martin, Principal

Jamie McShane, Teacher 

Adeeb Mozip, Parent 

James Murphy, Teacher 

Jeannine Oynoian, Teacher 

Shannon Peterson, Executive Director

Mansour Sharha, Parent 

Marla Wiacek, Teacher 

Julie Wooton, Teacher 

Khadygh Zandani, Teacher 

Athletics and Physical Education

Scott Hummel, Supervisor of PE and Middle School Athletics, Facilitator

Jeff Conway, Athletic Director, Facilitator 

Ibrahim Ahmed, Student

Jamal Al, Community Member

Eleni Baidoun, Community Member

Renee Garcia, Teacher and Coach

Sam Hamade, Parent and Community Member

Keith Hobbins, Teacher and Coach

Ali Sayed, Community Member

Calendar & Space

Abe Mashhour, Director of Student Services, Facilitator

Albert Abbas, Parent 

Angela Alamonte, Teacher

Salah Ali, Parent 

Eleni Baidoun, Parent\

Hassan Hussein, Parent

Mary Lane, Board Trustee

Food Service 

Leigh Collins, SFE, Facilitator 

Josh Bain, SFE

Deb Goetsch, Kitchen Manager

Al Lerini, Union President 

Early Childhood/Kid’s Club

Amy Modica, Early Childhood Coordinator/Principal Cotter, Facilitator

Nadia Berry, Parent Liaison

Ghada Burks, Teacher

Intissar Fernandez, Teacher

Sharifi Kharoubi, Teacher

Kathy Laurus, Teacher

Mike Lowe, Engineer

Stephanie Stover, Early Childhood Programs Supervisor

Peggy Richard, Community Member

Parent Events 

Nofila Haidar, PTA Council President, Facilitator

Dr. Joan DeSouza, Psychologist 

Nassrine Karaali, Teacher 

Adeeb Mozip, Parent 

Mansour Sharha, Parent 

Research & Publications

Dr. Kathy Khalil, UofMD, Facilitator  


Pam Miller, Director of Payroll & Accounting, Facilitator 

Electives/Special Area Classes

Amal Alcodray, Principal, Facilitator

Jamal Al, Parent 

Hanna Alfasih, Student 

Susan Briggs, Teacher & Art Resource Lead

Laurie Kurth, 

Lisa Meyer, Teacher & Music Resource Lead

Instruction – Elementary 

Jill Chochol, Executive Director

David Higgins, Principal & ADSA President

Sue AbuRus, Teacher

Ghada Burks, Teacher

Amal Chehab, Teacher 

Shellie Conrad, Teacher 

Danielle Currie, Teacher 

Mike Esseily, Executive Director

Tammy Fournier, Principal 

Ross Groover, Curriculum Coordinator

Michael Hawkins, Teacher 

Hilda Irani, Teacher

Emily Kalz, Teacher 

Patricia Makssoud, Teacher

Jeannine Oynoian, Teacher

Nadra Shami, Teacher 

Instruction – Middle School

Mike Esseily, Executive Director, Facilitator

Fatme Faraj, Executive Director, Facilitator 

Mona Alaouie, Teacher

Khadigah Alasry, Teacher 

Rose Aldubaily, Director of EL 

Salah Ali, Parent

Ameena Elder, Teacher 

Chelly Eifert, Teacher

Maha Fayad, Teacher & Parent 

Rima Hassan. Principal 

Maria Iuliano, Teacher

Deana Saad, Teacher 

Instruction – High School 

Rose Aldubaily, Director of EL, Facilitator 

Mike Esseily, Executive Director of Special Populations, Facilitator

Shannon Peterson, Executive Director of Student Achievement, Facilitator  

Rana Alaouie, Teacher

Hannah Alfasih, Student

Zeinab Alghanem, Student

Tina Craig, Teacher

Lindsay Diem, Teacher

Ameena Elder, SIOP coach and trainer

Sam Hamade, Parent

Amy Keith-Wardlow, Literacy Coordinator

Suzanne Ladach, Teacher

Adam Martin, Principal DHS

Linda Mroue, Teacher

Lynne Osborne, Teacher

Social Emotional and Affective Learning

Dr. Rola Bazzi-Gates, Special Education Coordinator, Facilitator 

Dr. Violet Souweidane, Student Empowerment Facilitator

Mariam Alaouie, Social worker

Hanna Alfasih, student

Zeinab Alghanem, Student

Zaynab Boussi, , Social worker

Lena Elkoussy, Student

Faizah Nasser, Social worker

Sylvia Oatley, Teacher

Kathy Weaver, Social worker

Marla Wiacek, Teacher


Jodi Marshell, Supervisor of Transportation, Facilitator

Pam Miller, Director of Payroll & Benefits

Lena Elkoussy, Student  

Sanitation & Maintenance

Mark Andrews, Director of Operations, Facilitator

Gary Schilbe, Plant Supervisor, Facilitator 

Albert Abbas, Parent 

Hanna Alfasih, Student 

Faize El Khalil, Parent

Al Lerini, DFSE President\

Mike Lowe, Engineer   

Adult & Community Education and Facility Usage

Ioanna Garrisi, Supervisor, Facilitator

Jamal Al, Community Outreach Specialist/Carpentar’s Union

Elham Farhat, ELT Manager

Ann Kuzara, Office Manager

Ali Sayed, HYPE President

Maha Makki, Assistant Supervisor

Andy Wurtz, Adult Ed. teacher

Health and Safety

Amy Kandes, School Nurse, Facilitator 

John Leacher, Health, Safety & Security Supervisor, Facilitator 

Hassan Hussein, Community Member

Sue Ladach, Special Education Teacher

David Mustonen, Director of Communications