Dr. Glenn Maleyko


I am pleased to announce the following appointments, per Board approval on July 20, 2020:

Ms. Amal Abdulla to the position of Principal at Miller Elementary School.  Ms. Abdulla is currently the Assistant Principal at Miller Elementary.  This will be effective July 21st.

Ms. Amal Alcodray to the position of Director of Human Resources, Instructional.  Ms. Alcodray is currently the Principal at Snow Elementary.  This will be effective October 1st. We have already started the process to recruit the new principal for Snow Elementary who will replace Ms. Alcodray. Ms. Alcodray will be available to help the transition as we potentially open school in the fall.

The District was very fortunate to have had many outstanding candidates for these positions.

Congratulations to Ms. Abdulla and Ms. Alcodray.
Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D.Superintendent