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#Students1stDbnSchs-Press Release #2-Dearborn High changing drop off/pick up pattern

Press Release #2/2019-20
Contact: David Mustonen, Communications Director
(313) 827-3006 MustonD@dearbornschools.org

Dearborn High using new drop off/pick up pattern

The first lesson Dearborn High students and parents will get to learn this year could start before class does – a new drop off and pick up pattern outside the school.

The circle drive in front of the school is now strictly buses only during school drop off in the morning and pick up at the end of the day. 

Parents and other drivers chauffeuring students to school will need to use a new route through the staff parking lot south of the school building.  Drivers should enter from Outer Drive through the lot’s south entrance (near the football field).  They will then circle through to the back of the lot.  Drivers should pull to the side to let students out or wait to pick them up.  Drivers should NOT block the driving lane.  Students will be able to enter the building through the cafeteria and gym doors on the south side of the school.

As drivers leave the lot, they will need to turn right (north) onto Outer Drive.  The exit is no left turn for safety reasons, including the amount of traffic and pedestrians in the area.

Dearborn High upgraded the parking and drop off areas this summer to accommodate the change.  The hope is the new longer drop off area will make it easier for drivers to pick up and drop off students without traffic backing up onto Outer Drive.

“We felt these changes were important to improve safety for our students and their families,” said Dearborn High Principal Adam Martin.  “We ask for everyone’s patience and compliance as we adjust to this new routine.”

Built in 1957, Dearborn High was designed at a time when more students walked or biked to school.  The student parking lot was also resurfaced this summer.

School resumes on Aug. 26.  Classes run from 7:20 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. on a regular school day.  The first day is a half day ending at 10:25 a.m.  Dearborn High had more than 2,100 students last school year.

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