#Students1stDbnSchs-Press Release #3-Dearborn Schools makes administrative changes

20 Aug
Press Release #3/2019-20
Contact: David Mustonen, Communications Director
(313) 827-3006 MustonD@dearbornschools.org

Dearborn Schools makes administrative changes

Several administrative changes are underway as Dearborn Public Schools prepares for the new school year.  Classes resume Aug. 26.

Administrators are periodically re-assigned either at their request or to fill a need at a different building.  A new administration can bring fresh ideas and perspective to a school or program, and changing positions allows administrators to gain more experience.

Administrative changes include:

  • Ms. Lamis Srour, former principal at Geer Park, to principal at Henry Ford Elementary.
  • Dr. Adnan Moughni, former principal at Henry Ford Elementary, to principal at McDonald Elementary.
  • Ms. Amy Modica, former principal at McDonald, to coordinator/principal of the Cotter Preschool, Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), and Child Care.
  • Mr. Jamel Lawera, former principal at Salina Intermediate, to principal at Geer Park Elementary.
  • Ms. Eman Ahmed, former assistant principal at Woodworth Middle School, to principal at Salina Intermediate.
  • Mr. Sam Dakhlallah, former assistant principal at McCollough-Unis, to assistant principal at Maples Elementary. Congratulations to Ms. Natasha Shajira, the former Maples assistant principal who retired.
  • Ms. Mariam Kobeissi, former assistant principal at the Henry Ford Early College, to assistant principal at McCollough-Unis. The Henry Ford Early College position is being eliminated as part of the district’s budget reduction plan.
  • Ms. Hanaa Faraj, former teacher at Geer Park, to assistant principal at Stout.  Congratulations to Mr. Dan Blessing, the former Stout assistant principal who retired.
  • Mr. Chuck Silver, former district athletic director, to assistant principal at Woodworth.

Parents are invited to attend special Meet the Principal events being held at each of the following schools:

  • Salina Intermediate- Aug. 26 at 5 p.m.
  • Henry Ford Elementary- Aug. 27 at 5 p.m.
  • Geer Park Elementary- Aug. 28 at 4 p.m.
  • McDonald Elementary- Aug. 29 at 4 p.m.

Also Mr. Majed Fadlallah will join the Extended Cabinet as the Director of the Early Middle Colleges, Dual Enrollment and College Partnerships. This is not an additional position. The job is being realigned to support the growth of our Early College and dual enrollment programs. Fadlallah will still serve as principal of the Dearborn Collegiate Academy and the three Henry Ford Early College programs.  The Early College programs are in partnership with Henry Ford College.

In another change, the high school athletic director positions were moved from a teaching classification to administrative positions, which is the norm for such roles in other districts.  The three athletic directors were rehired under the new classification, including Mr. Jeff Delguidice at Fordson High, Mr. Robert Picano at Edsel Ford, and Mr. Jeffrey Conway at Dearborn High.

“I am pleased to be able to announce these appointments.  I know these new administrators will do an outstanding job for our Dearborn Public Schools students and families,” said Superintendent Glenn Maleyko.


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