Dr. Glenn Maleyko

#students1stDbnSchs Our Administrative Meeting was held at the Islamic Institute of Knowledge, SIP visits, the Mayor/City Council Inauguration Pictures, and the Seal of Biliteracy

We are leading by example as we promote cultural awareness with my administrative team.  We are going to hold our meetings at different locations in the community at least 2 or 3 times per year.  Last week we had our meeting at the Islamic Institute of Knowledge on Schaefer.  We have previously held a meeting at the Arab American Museum and we are going to the Henry Ford College in March. Thank you to Nancy Berry, Zeina Berry and the entire staff at the Islamic Institute for their hospitality. We really felt welcome. We plan to go to other sites that are rich in diversity, culture and religious tradition in Dearborn. The Purpose is to gain a better understanding and connection with the students and community that we serve.

We are actually following the example of our students who participate in the religious journeys field trips under the leadership of Ms. Charles which is supported by Dearborn Public Schools and the Dearborn Education Foundation.  I also want to clarify that they are not going there to promote religion but rather to learn about the rich traditions and culture that is aligned with religious affiliation in Dearborn, the United States, and beyond.

Nabila Hammami (Foreign language teacher at Fordson) and Margarita Chavez-Franco (Foreign Language Teacher at Edsel Ford) are leaders on the State Seal of Biliteracy Committee.  Trustee Mary Lane has also took the lead on this model going back to when Brian Whiston was the Superintendent for Dearborn Public Schools. Dearborn is a state Leader in this area.  

School Improvement Visits at STEM, Montessori, the Berry Center, DCMST, and Salina.

The inauguration at the Performing Arts Center for the Mayor, City Council, and the City Clerk.