Updates: STEM Video Competition, Dearborn High Students at the Inauguration, The Dearborn Education Foundation and pictures with the Vision Statement.

23 Jan

STEM Video Mr. Brian Kemian and Dr. Joan DeSouza have asked us to put out information involving a video competition from the Dearborn STEM School. We are encouraging votes for the STEM school video. You can vote by clicking on the link. I did.  https://follettchallenge.com/videos/814 

Dearborn High Students attend the Presidential Inauguration. Here is a link to the story. https://www.freep.com/story/news/politics/2017/01/20/class-trip-inauguration-becomes-fuel-lessons/96840256/ 

The Dearborn Education Foundation supports the School District Vision with a picture and with foundation grants that are provided to our schools, teachers, and students.

We have a positive union/administration culture in the school district and although we do not always agree we believe in the vision and are willing to dialogue to solve issues and advance our educational model in a positive manner.

Monthly administrative meeting breakout sessions with all administrators in the school district. 

A great school improvement visit to the Cotter Early Childhood Center. I was impressed as the students recited the pledge of allegiance.

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