Anti-Bullying Extravaganza at the Performing Arts Center. – It was a packed house and a strong message was sent regarding our unity and stance against bullying behaviors.

18 Nov

The Anti-Bullying Extravaganza at the Performing Arts Center on Tuesday was a huge success. It was filled with a lot of positive energy and the student performers did an outstanding job.  I would like to thank the Board of Education, the Mayor, the Chief, city, elected officials, parents, community members, administrators and the faculty for doing an outstanding job.  Of course the students were the ones who really made a positive impact and were the highlight of the night. We are so proud of our model in Dearborn and the positive collaboration with the entire community.  However, the strength of our model is not based on one extravaganza, it is the positive impact that we have as a united community on a daily basis.  Together we are positive upstanders and have sent a clear message that we will not tolerate bullying in the community. Thank you.

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