Dr. Glenn Maleyko

Superintendent’s Honors Night honors top students

A student speaks into a microphone while a teacher looks on

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The 39th Annual Superintendent’s Honors Night was held on May 15, 2024.

This year, 232 students were invited and more than 160 attended.  Students were invited if they had achieved a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or higher after seven semesters of high school or nine semesters in a Henry Ford Early College program.

Students who attended the event at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center were asked to invite a district educator who had influenced their education.  Almost 100 teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators were celebrated by students during the event.  Many of the honored staff were high school teachers, but the educators ranged from an elementary teacher who helped a new immigrant student feel at home to students’ parents who are also district teachers.

Congratulations to both students and staff who participated in the event. See the Superintendent’s Honors Night program for the full list of students and educators.

View a video of Superintendent’s Honors Night on our YouTube Channel.