Dr. Glenn Maleyko

Press Release #07-District welcomes senior citizens to events with Premiere Citizens cards

Press Release 07/Sept. 30, 2021

Dearborn Public Schools has a tradition of welcoming and encouraging senior citizen residents to attend school events by offering free admission and other special discounts via the Premier Citizen Discount Card. 

District residents over the age of 60 can stop in to any Dearborn Public School or the Administration Building, 18700 Audette St., to pick up this year’s Premier Citizen Discount Card.  Residents who have cards set to expire in September 2021 can continue to use the cards for another year.

“Many local residents in the over 60 crowd are Dearborn Public Schools alumni, parents of former students or grandparents to current students. We are happy to welcome them back to school,” notes Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko. “With the Premier Citizen Discount Card, senior residents can enjoy discounts or free admission to school programs, including musical performances and sporting events.”  

The Premier Citizen Discount Card is free and offers great discounts on school activities and school merchandise including: 

  • Free admission to most school-sponsored activities including concerts and athletic events.  Discounted tickets are available for plays, which are not free because schools must pay for performance licenses.
  • Discounts on select Community Education classes.
  • 10% discount on merchandise sold at school stores. (Limit four items per year.)

The district did not offer the Premier Citizen Discount cards last school year.  During the pandemic, schools held far fewer public events, and the events that did occur, like athletic competitions, often could allow only limited attendance. Currently, there is no limit on attendance at sporting events.  Those attending indoor events must wear face masks inside the buildings under current rules.

“Community members will be proud of the accomplishments of the young people in their neighborhood,” Dr. Maleyko added. “We hope that everyone over the age of 60 will pick up a Premier Citizen Discount Card and take advantage of the free admission and discounts to have an entertaining or informative experience in the Dearborn Public Schools.”