Dr. Glenn Maleyko

#Students1stDbnSchs A State Administered Food Benefit Program for Students and School Lunch Hero Day.

Greetings Everyone,

Last week we sent out information to the public regarding the Federal SNAP Food Benefit Program that is administered by the State through the Bridge Card Program. The district is not involved in the implementation of this program so we are only passing along information regarding this state administered program. We did not initiate the program and the money does not come from any district funds. We also do not have any oversight or decision making ability regarding the implementation of this benefit to students. However, we are providing information to the public so that everyone is aware and so that those in need can take advantage of the program. We also know that it is optional and if individuals choose not to take advantage of the program the money will be directed to those in need by the state and/or the federal government. Click here for a link to information regarding the program that was posted to the district First Bell publication.

I also want to send out a comment of appreciation to our food service workers along with the parent/PTA volunteers on this day that is recognized as “School lunch hero day”. The term is very fitting given the great work by our front line food services workers and PTA/parent volunteers. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Please stay safe and stay home.