Dr. Glenn Maleyko

#Students1stDbnSchs Update on the Continuity of Learning Plan and a Week of Professional Development for Teachers


I want to provide an update as we have been working hard to develop the Continuity of Learning Plan that is required under the Governor’s order. We will soon submit the plan and will hope to have approval in the near future. Please understand that timelines are very tight so we did our best to acquire stakeholder feedback from teachers, administrators, staff, parents and the Board of Education. Our outstanding staff worked over spring break to ensure that we had a well thought out plan that will support our students.

This week teachers are officially participating in professional development via online methods which is in alignment with the Governor’s order. They are also checking in with students. Pending approval from the Intermediate School District (ISD) Wayne County RESA we would like to officially start implementation of our plan on Monday the 20th. Once the plan is approved we will send out public notices shortly thereafter. We will not make any statements on the specificity of the plan until it is approved. I hope that you are having a good week and please remember to Stay Safe and Stay Home to support our Health Care Professionals and First Responders.