#students1stDbnSchs-Expression of Sympathy

14 Nov


On behalf of the Board of Education and the entire Dearborn Public Schools family I want to express my most sincere sympathies to the family of one of our Dearborn High School students who passed away due to complications associated with an existing medical condition. We are all deeply saddened by this very tragic loss of a young and vibrant soul.

The District has provided additional staff at both Dearborn High and O.L. Smith Middle School to assist anyone in need of support during this very emotional time. If information becomes available regarding expressions of sympathy, it will be shared on the Dearborn High Blog, https://dhs.dearbornschools.org/ .


Glenn Maleyko
Dearborn Public Schools.

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  1. We need support at Edsel Ford also. Many of the sophomores and freshman have gone to schook with Zahraa since the sixth grade at OL Smith

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