#Students1stDbnSchs We Celebrate Diversity in Dearborn Public Schools

4 Oct


Our greater Dearborn community has become a popular stop for journalists looking to highlight a city where people of different religions, backgrounds, and ethnicities can live together in harmony.  It has not always been easy but, by continuing to work together, celebrate, and appreciate our differences along with our similarities, our community, especially our schools, have become a place where all can feel welcome. 

That is why we are so deeply troubled when reports of behaviors that do not follow the District’s philosophy, core values, vision and mission are brought to our attention.  I want to make it clear to our students, parents, and community members that this administration will always take any reports of harassment or intimidation with the utmost seriousness in accordance with Board Policy 5517. We will always thoroughly investigate all claims, provide all parties involved with due-process, and, if needed, anyone found to be working in contradiction of our policies will be held accountable for their actions. 

Every day, in more than 1,000 classrooms across our district, great teachers provide the very best instruction to our students.  On those rare occasions when an interaction between staff and student does not align with the standards and principles of our District we will take corrective action to ensure we maintain the level of instruction our community expects.  I want to assure our community that an isolated incident in a classroom or school does not reflect the environment of other classrooms or schools in our district. We know that one of the best ways for us to put “Students First” is to continue to partner with our community, work together, share information, and keep an open line of communication. 

We continually work with several community partners to bring programs, events, and assemblies to our schools that help us build a culture and climate that supports learning for all. These efforts are a high priority for us and are lead by our Coordinator of Affective Education.  

Over the years, our district has been featured in articles that highlight our efforts to create schools that are welcoming to all. Last year, Salina Elementary and Intermediate schools were featured in a 20-minute film from Colorín Colorado showcasing the efforts of how these schools help immigrant students succeed and provide a welcoming school environment.  Our students also take an active role in celebrating, honoring, and recognizing the diversity in our district and those who have championed the cause of equality and diversity.  

Click here to see how Dearborn Public Schools celebrates diversity in our school district.

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