#students1stDbnSchs Outstanding News!!!District Accreditation Ceremony with the State AdvancED organization.

Congratulations to our Entire School Community: We received full district accreditation with a formal presentation by the AdvancED organization. In addition, Fatme Faraj was on a panel discussion and we provided a presentation at the Conference. An additional presentation was provided before the WCRESA Board this week and another one will be provided by Ms. Faraj and I at the AdvancED midwest regional conference. In addition, Ms. Faraj will be part of a 10 member advisory AdvancEd board for the State of Michigan. Brian Whiston also received a lifetime achievement award by the State AdvancED organization on the same day that we received our full district Accreditation. His wife was there to accept the award and it was great to see her.

6 adults including the state superintendent and the vision sign at the AdvancED conference Receiving the AdvancED plaque at the Conference a picture of the AdvancED accreditation plaque 4 adults giving a presentation at the AdvancED conference a picture of the screen of Brian Whiston beth whiston accepts the award for Brian 4 adults and the Vision sign




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