#students1stDbnSchs – Press Release #33 – Students Aren’t The Only Ones Receiving An End Of Year Report Card

Press Release #33/2017-18
Contact: Michael Meade, President, Dearborn Board of Education
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David Mustonen, Director, Communications
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Students Aren’t The Only Ones Receiving An End Of Year Report Card

– Board of Education completes Superintendent’s evaluation.

The end of each school year is filled with tests, projects, and of course final grades. As outlined in his contract, Dr. Glenn Maleyko, Superintendent of the Dearborn Public Schools received a year-end evaluation for his performance as leader of the third largest school district in the state.

School Board Trustee Jim Thorpe chaired the committee that oversaw this year’s evaluation of Dearborn’s third year superintendent. At the May Board of Education meeting, Trustee Thorpe reported that Dr. Maleyko received a “Highly Effective” rating for the work he accomplished this past school year.

“After careful review of Dr. Maleyko’s work it was clear he had achieved his goals for the year and doing an excellent job of implementing the District’s Strategic Plan,” said Trustee Thorpe.

The final grade comes after a rigorous and comprehensive review by all seven members of the Board. As long as Dr. Maleyko receives an “Effective” or “Highly Effective” rating, his contract is automatically extended by one year so as to maintain a continuous three year agreement.

“Dr. Maleyko has done an excellent job as the educational leader of the Dearborn Public Schools,” commented Board of Education President Dr. Michael Meade.

“His work is directly tied to the District’s Strategic Plan and the significant gains he has made in meeting his goals has led to the academic gains we are seeing in our classrooms,” Meade added.

Just a few of the accomplishments achieved under Dr. Maleyko’s leadership include: increased graduation rates (96% district average), being recognized by several outside organizations as a leader in meeting the learning needs of all students, having worked through the very difficult process of changing high school boundaries, and most recently, successfully negotiating a contract with the Dearborn Federation of Teachers.

“My evaluation is a reflection of the hard work of our team and I am fortunate to be able to work with so many talented professionals who truly care about educating children,” commented Dr. Maleyko.

The superintendent is the only staff member directly hired and supervised by the Board. As representatives of the community, each trustee takes very seriously and assigns top priority to the task of completing a meaningful, honest, and comprehensive evaluation of the superintendent’s performance.

“I appreciate the Board of Education for their leadership and thank them for their continued efforts to represent the interest of our students, staff, and parents in our community,” added Superintendent Maleyko

The evaluation tool used by the Board was developed by the Michigan Association of School Boards and is used to evaluate superintendents across the state. The evaluation is not completed by the Board as a group or sub-committee, rather each trustee takes part in the process. The first part is to rank the effectiveness of the superintendent in five different areas or standards; Governance & Board Relations, Community Relations, Staff Relationships, Business and Finance, and Instructional Leadership. Each standard has several sub-categories and accomplishments must be supported with artifacts provided by the Superintendent. Scores in each standard are tabulated and make up 65% of the overall evaluation score.

Just as student growth is part of a teacher and principal’s evaluation, it also is factored into the superintendent’s rating. Student growth makes up 25% of the evaluation with the remaining 10% coming from the work being done toward completing District goals.

Dr. Maleyko went on to say, “I’m very passionate about the important work we as educators must accomplish, excited about the future of our schools and students, and humbled to be part of such a great community,”



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