#students1stDbnSchs National Publication on our Feeder Track Model, Good fellows Drive, Exchange Club Outing, and a few weekend events.

Dr. Chochol and I were recently published in the District Administration Magazine regarding the implementation of the feeder track model. This is a National Publication where Ms. Faraj and I published an article on our School Improvement Model in the past. It will circulate to well over one hundred thousand nationwide and if ASCD picks up the article even more(up to 300,000) will receive a copy of the article either in print or electronic. We will continue to promote the district and enhance what we are doing for the benefit of our students. Please click on the link below to view the article.

Restructuring for a culture of collaboration in K12 Click Here

The organizational tendency of many large school districts is to divide elementary and secondary education into separate departments. Dearborn Public Schools’ central office followed this model for decades. During tough financial times there was a history of competition for limited district resources between elementary and secondary central office staff and building administrators. (District Administration)

Dearborn Goodfellows Drive. We always help out on the corner of Outer Drive and Cherry Hill.

My family and I had a wonderful time at the Exchange Club Christmas Party. It was a wonderful Brunch with some good people. We appreciate how the exchange club continues to support our families in need. 

The cutest thing happened as there was a question regarding the youngest person at the Brunch. My son was one of them with another attendee Justine.  They are both 11 and when they mentioned their names “Justin” my son and “Justine” it was such a neat moment.  Check out the wonderful picture of the two of them. 

A nice visit to Maysam’s house with a cute little man Noah and his grandfather Hikmat. 

A great group at the Islamic Center. I appreciate the opportunity to meet with Zouheir, Hikmat and the wonderful group of community leaders. They are always very welcoming, positive, and extremely supportive of Dearborn Public Schools. 

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