#BRSE2017 #students1stDbnSchs We went to Washington to Receive the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Award for Becker Elementary and Dearborn Public Schools

We went to Washington D. C. on Monday and Tuesday of this week to receive the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Award for Becker Elementary. This is a proud moment for our entire school district as it is the first time we have received this award in the history of Dearborn Public Schools.  Congratulations to Principal Hassan,  Teacher Patricia Makssoud (they attended the award ceremony), the entire faculty, support staff, parents, community members, Board of Education, and especially the students. It was quite an honor to attend this event and receive this award on behalf of Becker Elementary and Dearborn Public Schools. We also had formal meetings with Senator Stabenow, Senator Peters, and Congresswoman Dingell. They were great meetings and they are all proud of our accomplishments. We made sure that we advocated for Public Education and Dearborn Schools. All three of them were extremely supportive. A staff member for Congresswoman Dingell provided us with a wonderful capitol tour on Monday. We plan to have a celebration for this award at the November 13 Board of Education Meeting. Congratulations everyone for the great work that you do to support our students and provide a high quality of Education in Dearborn.  Students First: Inspire, Educate, Celebrate.

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