Dr. Glenn Maleyko

#students1stDbnSchs: Following Dad for the Day, City Beautiful Breakfast, High School Visits, Community Dinner, Halloween and the SIP data meetings

My daughter and her friend followed me during the day on Wednesday to find out what is like to serve as a Superintendent.  The day started at 7am and ended at 9pm. She was exhausted by the end of the day but it was a great experience. I also really enjoyed the day and time spent with my daughter.

At the City Beautiful Breakfast with Trustees Petlichkoff, Meade,  Nasser and Ms. Alie-Bazzi.

This was an awesome picture. One of my former students going back to 1999 at Salina in 5th grade with her daughter a city beautiful commissioner.

Ashley with the Mayor.     

High School Visits.

Ashley with President Lane.

Ashley with Lieutenant Governor Calley.

Ashley with Judge Bazzi and Chief Haddad below.

Inaya Bazzi,  Dr. Jensen, and Mr. Hammoud.

A neat picture with Trustee Hammoud.

With Judge Hunt.

Halloween at ASC as Snow and Howe Students Trick or treat.

Trick or Treat/Halloween at ASC. 

School Improvement Plan (SIP) data meetings continue. They have been long days but important meetings. The principals are doing a fantastic job.