Dr. Glenn Maleyko

#students1stDbnSchs I made a statement at the College Board Meeting this evening in regards to Fordson.

Good Evening,

As most of you know, as part of my overall effort to communicate with the wide variety of audiences in our District, I’m a very active user of social media.  Over the weekend I experienced some of the very best reasons why I truly appreciate this communications tool and, unfortunately, I also experienced some of the very worst.

I have read inaccurate statements presented as fact, rumors and gossip that included wild speculation, and in some cases no regard for the children involved.  Fortunately, I have also watched a video that revealed more than a five second soundbite ever could, students coming together in support of their school, and thoughtful words written by those who understand the bigger picture of our District.

I’m not here to criticize or judge. I’m just pointing out that sometimes, in the rush to be the first to know the story, people get more caught up in making themselves part of the story. This is not a “reality show”, this is reality. Comments made in the virtual world can impact children in the real world. Children with real emotions and real feelings.

The Fordson and Dearborn community is like a big extended family and when someone in your family is hurt, we all hurt. Some of the comments made on social media reflect that hurt in the form of anger or frustration that we aren’t doing enough we haven’t shared enough, we are not moving fast enough.

Let me make it clear.  The students involved exhibited behavior that we will not tolerate in this district. However The Dearborn Public Schools will not be influenced by a “trending tweet” or a comment made to “stir the pot”.  We are bound by law to provide all students with the due process they deserve. For the incident that occurred at Fordson, that process started last Tuesday and will continue until it has reached an appropriate conclusion.

Our Student Code of Conduct outlines the steps we must take when it comes to any type of student discipline. I encourage a review of pages 11 – 26. Click Here for the Link. 

In addition to our process of student discipline we also work very closely with the Dearborn Police. This is another reason why the District must be careful in the amount of information that is released and the level of detail. The last thing we want to do is take action or make a comment that could jeopardize their investigation. We will wait to see if their efforts result in any further legal ramifications for those involved.

Most important, we pride ourselves on being a district that cares for our students. It is that care that compels us to protect the physical and emotional well-being of the victim involved in this incident. I would like to remind everyone that we are dealing with minors and will protect their identities. We ask that everyone else do the same.