Incident at Fordson High School

As Superintendent of the Dearborn Public Schools I want to reassure this community that we are taking appropriate actions to address the situation that occurred earlier this week at Fordson high school. Social Media has created rumors and stories that are inaccurate. Confidentiality and student privacy law prohibits my ability to provide details.  However, I can confirm it was not an incident of rape.  These were students involved in behaviors that we will not tolerate in this district. All responsible are being dealt with appropriately and we have been in contact with the Dearborn Police to determine if any further legal action will be taken. In order to ensure the rights of all I would like to remind everyone that we are dealing with minors and we hope that people would be sensitive to this when making posts on social media.  Here is a copy of a letter that was sent from the School Principal regarding this situation.

Dearborn Public Schools will continue to ensure that student safety is the top priority.

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