#students1stDbnSchs PLC Resource Page for Faculty and Interested Members of the School Community

Click here for a link to a Professional Learning Community (PLC) resource Page that I created on my blog where we will continue to archive important information and resources and provide updates on the PLC process moving forward.

Superintendent Goal Action Item.

Professional Learning Communities and Team work as a non-negotiable. Increasing Team Norms and reliance on Data Driven Goals to measure effectiveness. We will implement several of the recommendations from the PLC CPI team that was created in the winter semester of 2015-16. Here is the link to that plan. CPI PLC plan 2016-17. We are also looking to implement the pilot that was recommended by the CPI team for the 17-18 school year.  We will soon survey faculty at buildings to determine interest and move forward.

Dearborn Strategic Plan Reference.

Action Point 4:  The Dearborn Public Schools will create a Professional Learning Communities (PLC) handbook and implement PLCs district-wide.

Measurement Instrument:

  • Meeting minutes and agendas

  • Sign in sheets

  • Student achievement data

Current Status:  The District has PLC time scheduled for each building and district committees.  The implementation of the PLC protocols and processes are inconsistent throughout the district.



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