#students1stDbnSchs 911 Remembrance : Tonight at the Board of Education Meeting the Dearborn High Men/Women’s ensemble will sing the national anthem.

Hello Everyone,

16 years ago today America experienced the terrible events of nine-eleven.  On that day, thousands of our fellow citizens lost their life in a senseless act of violence. Since that day, many more people, from all walks of life and from a variety of nations in our world have become victims of senseless acts of violence.

Today, I ask our Dearborn Public Schools family and our community of schools across the city to join together to remember:

-The events of September 11, 2001.

-Those who lost their life on that day.

– All those who continue to sacrifice to defend our freedom and keep us safe.

Even at a time when our daily news is filled with stories that seem to tear at the very fabric of our beliefs we must remember that, although our nation has endured many hardships, injustices, and tragedies, we have also triumphed, overcame, and grown stronger.  Today, and every day, let us never forget the times when we have been tested as a nation for when we do, we will surely forget the more important times when we have stood strong as a nation.

We can continue to build a strong nation and move our country forward by refusing to accept hate as an answer, by refusing to accept discrimination and racism, by working to better the lives of all people because we are all citizens of a community, a city, a state, and this great country.

The American spirit is resilient. It rallies in the time of crisis and comforts in the time of need. It is a spirit that is proud, a spirit that is free. The American spirit is here in Dearborn and is in the hearts of all.

Thank you

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