#Students1stDbnSchs –Congratulations to the 2017 Edsel Ford High School Graduates

Well we did it. We closed out another extremely successful school year with the last Graduation at Edsel Ford on Saturday June 17. I am extremely proud of the Board of Education, Administration, teaching faculty, support staff, parents & family and especially the students. Thank you to the three high school principals Alcodray (Fordson), Martin (Dearborn High), and Casebolt (Edsel Ford) along with their entire staff for the awesome work that they did to ensure success at the Graduation ceremonies. Most of all thank you to all of the students who have truly been an inspiration to me. With over 400 school visits this year I certainly enjoyed spending time with our fantastic students as my number one favorite aspect of my job as the Superintendent of Dearborn Public Schools. I hope that you enjoy the pictures in this post. Have a great weekend and happy Father’s day to all the Dads out there.


Al has the record number of selfies with me. He is a great professional as he protects the security of Edsel Ford on a daily basis.

​Three goofy looking docs. LOl.

Awesome team work by the Board. I love the joint proclamation of the graduates by President Lane, Secretary Petlichkoff, and Trustee Thorpe.


President Lane and Trustee Hammoud did a great job with their speech at Fordson. Trustee Thorpe came through for us too at both Dearborn High and Edsel Ford with great speeches and some humor.

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