1. Board Working Late at the Retreat 2. The Use of https://ifttt.com/ for blogging and social media connections. 3. Edsel Ford v. Dearborn High

12 Sep

Board Retreat

Thank you to the Dearborn Board of Education Trustees for their hard work and dedication to Support our School District and students. Our Board retreat went until after 10pm last night.  The focus of the retreat was colleage areas with Dr. Jensen early in the evening and then Training on Roles and Responsibilities with Dr. Wilmot later in the evening.


You can use this site to connect your different applications. For example, when I put a post out to my blog I created rules where it automatically gets posted to facebook, twitter, and Linkedin. In addition, I have an automated rule that goes from twitter to facebook and instagram to facebook. Sometimes I may not want to post items to the Blog and all of my social media applications depending on the message and target audience.

The Edsel-Dearborn High Football Game. – School Life Goes Live at the Game

I was only able to attend the game in the first half due to the board retreat but it was an exciting game. Congratulations to Dearborn High on their win and Edsel for a hard fought game. In addition, thank you to Raad Alawaan and School Life for the Live Pod cast and the updates.  I was unable to make it to the Fordson game but I did attend their first two games of the season.

Good luck to the Pioneers, Tractors, and Thunderbirds with their upcoming games.




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